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How to build your first mobile robot platform

This post is for my fellow junkies who are about to take a plunge into robotics. In strict sense, my definition of a robot is something that looks and thinks like the robot as shown in the famous movie named iRobot and the robot named Sonny 🙂 That is a pretty far fetched idea for … Continue reading


Controlling DC Motors using AVR Microcontrollers

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use an AVR microcontroller (in this example an ATTiny2313) to control two DC motors using L293 motor driver. While the microcontroller can act like a brain through software and control signals from its input/output pins, it lacks muscles. Muscles to the “brains” are provided by motors, actuators … Continue reading


Building beginner’s microcontroller development board using ATTiny2313

This tutorial will talk about how to build a development board for the Atmel ATTiny2313 series microcontroller using minimal components. The board will support ISP (In-system Programming) using any supported programmer (e.g. AVRISP) and can also be used as standalone board once the code is burned into it. Using similar concepts, you can build identical … Continue reading