I’m just another one of those techies floating around the internet. Mostly interested in Microsoft related technologies…ASP.NET, MVC, SharePoint on software and circuit design, robotics on hardware….

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  1. hi, i using sim 900
    i had a project about tcp ip communication
    but i can;t connect server
    when i type : AT+CIPSTART=”TCP”,”ip server”,”port”
    but hyperterminal respons : state tcp close, error
    can you help me?

    • There is not enough information in your comment, but here are a few things you could check:
      1. Have you tried the AT commands in the exact sequence. Changing the sequence results in failure most of the times
      2. Are you sure that the IP and PORT that you have provided is reachable
      3. Can you try with IP=www.google.com and port as 80 and see what happens
      4. Have you checked that each step prior to executing this step was successful.
      Also, request you to post your comments against the corresponding blog at http://wp.me/p18HMg-4m instead of posting your comment on the About page.

  2. Hi Vishnu Sir,
    I am wondering what is the difference in using HTTP and raw TCP modes to connect to GPRS in SIM900. HTTP has to somehow be over TCP or UDP as these are the only ones supported by SIM900. Also from tinkering around , it some how seems to me that using AT+HTTP commands are little faster and more reliable than raw TCP . I know it sounds weird but thats what it seems to me. I know that using AT+HTTP commands we cannot have full control over the headers being send where as using TCP we have full contral what we send. Apart from these , can you please guide me if there is any benifit of one over the other method.

    Also I wanted to ask if you visited Odisha frequently because it will be great to meet you in person. I am an IOT enthusiast and currently learning COAP and MQTT.
    It would be great help to get some help and advice from you.

    Thank you
    Sampad Mohanty

  3. Hi vishnu,
    I need some help in oder to upload big stream of data (100Kbyte)from sim900 to my database MySql database.
    Could you please give me some tip in order to use the right protocol?

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